Your inner world determines the quality of your outer world

Our Inner world is a reflective reaction to the outer world

Our habitual thoughts, way of being and ‘lens’ on the world that determines how we react or respond to situations and hence our experiences in and of the world. For example if you are the worrying type, you may over-plan, are probably afraid of changes, and unlikely to disrupt your daily routine with a spontaneous activity. We need to stop, take time to think of our inner world: our thoughts, our attitude, our complex emotions that drive our various ways of interacting with others.

Are you aware that there is a second layer to your “inner world”, your “third world”?

This is our true inner, deeper self and our inner life. This third world truly speaks to us as when we are in silence; when we are meditating or when we are being present and mindful such as when in deep prayer. In the mad rush of life, this is the part of the inner world that is often neglected. The part that absolutely needs to be remembered in order to address the barrage of demands and onslaught from the outer world.

How do we access this “third world”?
The simple answer is to develop the ability to be “in the moment”, to be present and to be mindful.  This seems like another thing on our To Do List: which, in an overwhelmingly busy life … is anathema to most of us. Many of us feel like we are already tail-spinning through life.

In my next blog, I will suggest ways in which you can take care of you inner world.

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