How we are dealing with lockdown by Una Perry

Having children is the best investment you will ever have, the dividends will start coming in when they turn 18…these were the words of my mom when I one day reached out to her for advice on parenting.

Lockdown has suddenly brought families back together in homes and how do we react and guide each other in this unpredictable season? I decided to ensure that our home is a place of safety in this time of uncertainty.

“Comfort food” is one of my safety vehicles in lockdown. Familiar aromas of special treats, favourite meals and new aromas from the kitchen forms a daily part of our house hold now. Everybody pops into the kitchen excited to find out what is on the menu and they stick around to help too!

Mealtimes are sharing moments too – and it is priceless to hear our young adult children recalling moments as young children. They remember moments we didn’t even realised they understood.

It turns out that during lockdown first dividends are coming in from this investment. Definitely worth depositing further into our memory banks for the future.

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