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How to join the closed Retiremeant™ Facebook group

Chartered Wealth Solutions encourages all clients to join the closed RetiremeantTM Facebook group. It is a platform where you as clients may interact, share ideas and stories

Once you have logged into your Facebook account click on the “search icon”.

Once you have selected the “search icon”, type in “retire successfully” and then select (click on) “retire successfully”.

You will then be directed to the following page with the option to select (click on) “Retire Successfully” – the official Retire Successfully Facebook Page.

Once you have landed on the official “Retire Successfully” Facebook page you will see the “Like” icon – select (click on) the icon. By ‘liking’ the Retire Successfully Facebook Page, you will gain access to all the content that is shared on this page.

Scroll down on the “Retire Successfully” Facebook Page – you will come across the “RetiremeantTM Community Private Group”. Select (click on) “Join Group”.

You will then be directed to the “RetiremeantTM Community Private Group” Page where you will then have to answer the question: “Are you a Chartered Wealth Solutions Client?” Write your answer in the text box and select (click on) “Submit”.

PLEASE NOTE: You will ONLY be accepted onto the “RetiremeantTM Community Private Group” if you are a client.

If you have any further queries please contact or call (011) 502 2800

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