Healing tools – Part of the Bloodline and Baggage Blog Series

Bloodlines-BaggageThere are some useful tools to work towards healing.  This blog does not allow for a detailed discussion, so I will only cover the basics.

Research – knowing details of your family history is helpful, but not essential.  This might just give you information better to understand your own life experience in the context of your family’s story.

Healing sentences – a healing sentence is a statement that is never not true, for example, “You are my mother”. A non-healing sentence, expressing a limited perspective, would be: “You hurt me, so I don’t want you to be my mother”.

Writing and drawing – Often it is necessary to release a negative emotion before we can access the positive.  Writing is a wonderful way to take what can be abstract (thoughts and feelings) and make them real and ready for healing.

Additional tools include visualisation, bowing, prayer and meditation, and symbolic representation.  These are outlined in detail in the book.

In conclusion, to nourish and rejuvenate ourselves, and finally to live fully, we need consciously to accept and honour our families just as they are.  Healing any one of us sets a ripple in motion that touches us all. I hope this blog series has helped you in that quest.

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