Giving back is good for you.

Giving back offers marvelous benefits in RetiremeantTM and research shows that it makes this chapter happier, healthier and more purposeful. A study by United Healthcare in 2017 found that 93 percent of people who volunteer or give-back notice an improvement in their mood, 75 percent feel healthier and 79 percent experience lower stress levels.

The key to being in flow in this area is to apply your unique skill and life experience to a cause or activity where you can have the most impact.

Tips to finding your flow in giving back

  1. Unfulfilled dreams
    We all have hopes and dreams. We all have a list of things we want to accomplish or do in our lifetime. Sometimes, life goes by and we never get to realise our dreams and goals. Challenge yourself, think back to your life and rekindle those dreams. Now is the perfect time to bring some of them to fruition.
  2. It’s not a test
    Don’t limit yourself by criticising your own skills or talents. Volunteering time, energy and skill is the real test of character – not how good you are at it.
  3. A meaningful experience
    How and where you spend your time and energy must align with your overall interests and goals. Consider the benefit to you and how your involvement will impact the people, organisation or cause you have chosen. Here are some examples to get you thinking:
    • Think about how your hobby or passion can help others. If you’re good at knitting, embroidery or playing a musical instrument, perhaps volunteer to teach others your skill. It will bring you as much joy as them.
    • If your work has always been your passion, contemplate ways of mentoring or coaching in your area of expertise.
    • If health and fitness is your thing, there are many opportunities to engage others in staying fit and healthy with you.


Remember that you have seven other areas in the Wheel of Balance® to engage in. Life is all about balance. You don’t want to be so busy giving your time to others that you don’t have time to enjoy your retirement. The secret is setting boundaries.

Be clear on the amount of time and energy you want to give. Map out your ideal level of commitment and remember to make time for our current obligations and responsibilities, leisure time, other interests and all eight areas of the Wheel of Balance®.

My give-back

This month, John Campbell and I will be sharing Chartered’s RetiremeantTM Journey and our philosophy of adding value to clients through meaningful relationships at the FPI Convention. The FPI Professionals Convention is the largest and most significant event for Financial Planner Professionals and attended by over 600 Planners.

You may wonder why we are sharing our secrets with the industry? I truly believe that by sharing our holistic approach to Financial Planning, where the core focus is on getting to know our clients and understanding what they want to achieve, before formulating the Financial Plan, will greatly benefit the overall service offering by the Financial Planning industry. If more Planners embrace a client-centred approach, looking after their clients’ interests, our overall credibility as an industry will improve.

We would love to hear your stories on your giving back in your RetiremeantTM Journey. If you have any tips or pitfalls to share, please send them on so we can share with our community.

Remember to always be inspired, be brave and be on purpose,

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