Gifts – Part of the Bloodline and Baggage Blog Series

Every family has strengths and gifts to pass on to the next generation.  Gifts can be:

  • Talents: music, sport, public speaking, financial acumen.
  • Character strengths: humour, honesty, courage, compassion, integrity, resilience, self-confidence.
  • Good fortune, doors opening easily in different areas of life (relationship, money, opportunities, negotiations)
  • Health: mental, physical, emotional
  • Support: trusting that whatever happens in life is for you and not against.
  • Love: capacity to love unconditionally, to receive love unconditionally
  • Wisdom: insight, intuition, big-picture understanding, spiritual connection
  • Peace: inner contentment despite circumstances, ability to bring harmony to others and difficult situations
  • Liberated potential

The gifts can be blocked by errors in belonging and placement, and through burdens.

Strengthening the individual and the system allow us to receive the gifts from our families and pass them on to others.

Next week’s is the final blog, and will discuss some tools for Healing.

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