Finding passion, purpose and a paycheque after 50

Our Retire Successfully Retirementor, Lynda Smith, founder and CEO of The Refirement Network, was recently interviewed on Radio Today, by show-host, Natashia Bearam.

In the interview, Lynda encourages older people who still want to work not to be afraid of technology and to be willing to learn from younger people (even grandchildren!) in order not to feel intimidated by the extent to which technology, especially social media, has changed the workplace.

She also poses a range of questions regarding the kind of work you may be considering: for example, are you seeking opportunities in a new industry or do you want to continue in the industry in which you have been working to date?  Do you want to be an entrepreneur or a consultant or an employee?

Lynda highlights the value of network – more than ever, relationships are a crucial, though intangible, asset in building a career.

Finally, she advises that you look at who you are, what you offer and what is the world looking for … and then how you put it all together.

Lynda is a coach who can help you answer those questions and guide you in finding your purpose in the new world of work, in your relationships and with yourself.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

Lynda’s work focuses around helping Baby Boomers plan for their next season of life and identify where they can still add value in business and society. If you enjoyed this post on Lynda you may be interested in some of her personal blogs. Click here to access them.

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