Emotions need Motion

As we mourn the world we knew, I find solace knowing that we are in this together. And that our grief is a necessary process to adapt to our changed lives.

I wish I had valued the little things in life more. I know it’s often the small things we take for granted, but I miss having coffee with my friends and really connecting face to face with the people I love. We all grieve differently: my grief feels like a deep gaping hole in my chest, others may cry silent tears of despair and some express their sadness openly. We must remember to honour how other people are grieving – even though it’s different to how we’re grieving.

Connecting with grief is not a linear process and different personality types experience and voice their grief differently. It’s important to grieve, to give yourself – and others – the space to mourn. We don’t have to fix each other, the best we can do for now, is to listen and to be there for each other.

Here’s how I am trying to adapt through my process of grief:

  1. Meditating daily.
    I meditate every morning and at the moment, I am following the 21 Day Meditation Experience led by Deepak Chopra and hosted by Oprah Winfrey entitled Hope in Uncertain Times. Click here to access the meditation.
  2. Exercise.
    I run up and down my driveway just to keep my body moving and my mind energised.
  3. Staying connected.
    I make time to chat to friends on Zoom. I’ve even turned these chats into coffee dates – or even better, sharing a glass of virtual wine.
  4. Ground myself in the Present.
    When my thoughts start spiraling down, I remind myself to stay present by breathing in for four seconds, hold my breath for four seconds and then breathing out for four seconds. Negative thoughts of worst-case scenarios do not serve me – so I center myself through this simple exercise.
  5. And lastly, I limit my intake of bad news. I am very selective of which news items on COVID-19 I expose myself to and am very careful of information overloading.

Remember that grief is a necessary process for us to adapt to changed circumstances. Let it move through you and out the other side.

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