Dreams are flying high

Chartered Wealth Solutions client, Jenny Good, works at the Reach For A Dream Foundation, a charitable organisation that brings hope, joy and healing to countless South African children suffering from life-threatening illnesses such as leukaemia, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, renal failure and others.  “It’s my chance to give something back,” she says.  “It brings meaning and hope to children and their families.”

Specifically, Jenny is involved in the organisation’s unique and long-standing Aircraft Raffle fundraiser. “Every year, we raffle a fully-operational light aircraft plus a private pilot’s licence course which we raffle. Tickets cost R250 each and one person ends up winning this amazing prize,” she explains.

Left: For R250, participants stand a chance to win this light aircraft and pilot’s licence lessons

“The whole thing started 1998 when Dennis Jankelow and Debra Myburgh, from Dennis Jankelow & Associates (Aviation Insurance Brokers), came up with the concept of raffling a plane to raise funds in aid of RFAD. Dennis is passionate about our organisation and has been its biggest contributor. That year we sold 2 000 tickets. We have kept the ticket price constant for twenty years, but now we sell 12 000 tickets.  It’s a wonderfully successful promotion.” From this year, Reach for A Dream has taken over the campaign and operates out of the RFAD offices in Illovo.

Jenny’s role is to spearhead ticket sales.  “I started working for the raffle in 2000 and now I work about six months of the year.  We have a very sophisticated sales network and sales team, with a huge database, but it’s still hard work. I sit on the phone for hours, and fortunately many of our ticket-buyers know me and buy tickets every year. Some of my clients buy multiple tickets, even going into the hundreds.”

Make this an awe-inspiring year

2017 is a very special year.  “It’s our twentieth anniversary,” she explains, “so we are offering two draws, two planes and two PPL courses. Everyone has two chances of winning.”

What about the pressure of selling in a tough economy?  “It’s really difficult now, so I have become even more determined. I am a single-minded person, which helps. Fortunately I have got to know many of our clients and have a relationship of trust with them. Honestly, I would be bored sitting around at home and enjoy coming into work.”

RFAD offers seriously ill children the opportunity to realise their particular dream.  “It’s so touching what they ask for. Kids from advantaged environments will ask for a trip to Disneyland, for example, while those from less advantaged backgrounds will dream about something simple like a Barbie doll.  Many kids’ dreams are to meet a celebrity like a famous sportsman. The beauty of this programme is that it helps the child’s family also, as they share in their child’s joy.”

On another level, the Aircraft Raffle realises the dream of the winner.  “Many people dream of owning their own plane and learning to fly. Seeing the winners realise this personal dream is equally as rewarding,” says Jenny.

The 2017 RFAD Aircraft Raffle takes place in November so time to purchase a ticket is limited. To purchase a ticket visit www.aircraftraffle.co.za or www.reachforadream.org.za or call 011 880 1740.

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