Doreen Katzen

Having retired in September 2019 I had ticked off a few of my priorities on my bucket list for the next exciting stage of my life. These were:

  1. Spend more time with our grandchildren. Then along came lockdown. The irony was that this put a stop to the time to spend with our beloved grandchildren and in its place I landed up home schooling the seven year old granddaughter of my housekeeper! The child , and her mother, had been sharing a room on our property with the granny since she was born. As her mother commuted by taxi every day to work she became a health risk. Consequently, we hastily, the day before lockdown, rented out and furnished a room for her. Now that school has begun, as was the plan, the child has gone to live with her mother, having not seen her for over 100 days.
  2. Go back to doing volunteer counselling. I attended a course and have been doing volunteer telephone counselling for the past 10 months. Since lockdown I have been doing the counselling in the comfort of my home instead of in an office. I am glad to have resumed this after a break of 20 years, when I stopped counselling due to the pressures of work.
  3. Attend lectures to broaden my knowledge and interests. Thanks to Zoom I have more than fulfilled my desire to attend lectures, and the bonus is that I listen in the comfort of our home, and am often joined by Ronnie for this. I am also attending a computer course on Zoom.
  4. Spend quality time, as opposed to work time, with my husband Ronnie. Besides attending Zoom lectures together on topics like politics, religion and cooking. Another benefit of the lockdown is that we have date evenings, and sit holding hands on the couch watching Netflix!

We were able to attend the funeral of a friend and to vicariously support his children living overseas who, because of lockdown, could not come to the funeral. We have also been present at a family circumcision (bris) service with the grandparents in S.A. who were unable to fly to Oz.

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