Do your clothes still fit you?

Young children grow out of their clothes too fast for comfort. Smart parents buy clothes just a little too big, giving their child just that bit more time to grow into them before they grow out of them!

The need to replace clothes doesn’t stop when we reach adulthood and stop growing. After a few short years, many adults experience problems with weight gain, leading to the need to increase their clothes size yet again.

Many men refuse to accept that their pants size needs to increase in relation to their waist size. They seem not to iStock_000005411058XSmall2notice that round swollen belly staring back at them from the mirror, and think that, pulling their hips back, they can somehow disguise their ample stomachs. They also seem not to realise that they need to buy bigger trousers to accommodate their growing figures, opting to retain the same size trousers which they try to slide neatly under their swelling belly. This leads to the rather comical appearance of a pair of pants hanging on for dear life to a pair of skinny hips lurking under a significant tummy hangover.

Women generally tend to be more sensitive to their changing shape and make appropriate adjustments to the size and style of what they wear.

Failure to recognise the need for change in our clothes size could possibly reflect a failure to accept other changes in our lives – circumstances, needs, commitments.

downloadWhen we enter a new phase of life – a new job, a new relationship, a new stage in a relationship (like getting married or becoming parents) or moving to a new town/city, we need to discard the old “clothes” that used to fit us in the previous stage of our lives but which might not fit us in our new stage.

We need to discard in our lives that which is no longer useful, helpful or relevant. We can’t continue to hold onto things for the sake of being sentimental.

Long ago we gave up wearing the clothes we wore as little children. Now that we’re adults, we wear adult clothes. Are you still trying to, as it were, fit into the “clothes you wore as a child” in certain areas of your lie? Are you holding onto old habits and ways of doing things, old thought patterns, friends you have technically outgrown?

Until you let those things go, you will not continue growing to the next level of life. Growth is a sign of life. Simply put, you’re either growing or dying. If you realise you have stopped growing in certain areas of your life, look at ways to fan the flames of growth so you can continue to grow into the person you were always meant to be.

Alan Hosking is publisher of HR Future magazine,, #hrfuturemag, and assists executives to prevent, reverse and delay ageing, and achieve self-mastery.  

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