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How a couple makes learning together better … 30 years later!

Chartered clients, Brian and Ronelle Baker, have divergent interests, so they seek ways to have fun together.  Now, they are revisiting an activity that was, decades ago, “an unadulterated disaster”.  This time, though, there is a happy ending. Enjoy Ronelle’s article below.

30 years ago we were invited to a dance class (free-of-charge and with no pressure or commitment to join long-term). At the time, we were both working high-pressure jobs, so spending an hour on a dance floor was low on our priority list.

For one hour, we argued, stood on one another’s toes, and almost fought with the teacher. Then, we left the studio, grumpy, disgruntled and annoyed with each other for not being able to grasp something as simple as a ‘swing’.

It takes two to tango

In September 2017, and two friends generously gave us four ballroom lessons.  Of course, we anticipated a repeat of our first disastrous attempt.  To our astonishment, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Firstly, our teachers, Lindi and Zane, are Job-like patient; no matter how often we fumble, trip or step on their toes, or each other’s toes, they give us the opportunity to “start again and listen to the music”. All credit to them for any skill we may show!

Right: Ronelle with her dance coach.

Secondly, and this is extremely important, I have had to learn to give up control, as the man is the leader in this endeavour, and the lady has to follow him. This is an interesting at this stage of our lives, but having eventually grasped it, we are now addicted!

Our ballroom dancing classes have introduced us to a whole lot of new likeminded people whom we have befriended and who help us along during our worst “fumbling” days.

We have group lessons every second week – and then once a week private lessons.  We find that we learn a great deal at social dancing events, where we have the opportunity to dance with other dancers, mostly better than us, but we continue the learning process.  Dancing with folks who are proficient makes us look very experienced!

Benefits all round

We are told that ballroom dancing helps prevent age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and that the exercise is highly beneficial.  I can’t comment on Alzheimer’s but our dancing lessons certainly do help to keep us limber – and, at the same time, we are doing some serious aerobic exercises.

We can safely say that we can fumble through the swing, foxtrot, waltz, tango (our favourite) and the rumba.  We have much to learn, but so enjoy our time on the dance floor that we’re happy to give time and money to our new hobby.  It is delightful that at this stage of our lives, Brian and I have found something that we like to do together, as mostly our existing hobbies are divergent.

So, if you’d like a new together hobby, this is the one to try!

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