Crossroad moments

Life can be hectic between 25 and 45.  We seem to be chasing promotion, building a business, finding a spouse and raising children.  There does not seem to be much time to reflect or think about our own personal journey.  All of a sudden one day we wake up wondering if the ladder we have been climbing is leaning against the right wall.

A book called “From Success to Significance” by Bob Buford has been written to help address some of the challenges at this crossroads of life.  Between the ages of about 45 and 50 we need to assess and start asking questions to help us discover the road ahead.  We then need to re-look at the picture every few years to ensure that the plan is still on track and going in the right direction.  The world is changing at such a rate that we cannot assume that plans do not need to be readdressed or tweaked along the way.  Some of the questions you will need to answer are:

1. What is your passion?

2. What is your purpose?

3. What will replace the stimulation of your work?

4. What is your new role at home?

5. What defines you?

There are many answers to these questions and the dynamics will be different for every individual or couple.  Some of the other factors that we need to look at are: attitude, health perception, finances, current and projected life satisfaction, life meaning, leisure interests, dependents, relationships and family issues.

This type of introspection takes time, guidance and direction.  In the book, Bob Buford asks the question “If you had to choose ONE SYMBOL to place in a box to define what your life represents what would that be?”  This is not an easy question but this may be a good place to start.

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