What colour is your parachute for retirement?

This is a title of a book by John. E. Nelson and Richard. N. Bolles. Richard is well known for writing the book called “What colour is your parachute?” helping individuals to plan the best work life for them.  This one follows a similar style but will help you in planning your later life stages.

They call Retirement, an undivided life.  Life has been segmented into efficient industrial boxes called education, work and retirement.  Another division has been splitting our own core values from the larger core values of society.  The wellbeing split into prosperity, health and happiness.  The human in us yearns for wholeness, completeness and integrity.

This next phase of life is an opportunity to have what we yearn for.  This is an opportunity to live an undivided life, integrating all the parts of life.

The challenge is on how to do this?  It takes time, reflection, conversation and some hard reality checks.  I am finding that many are not prepared to invest in taking this “road less travelled”  We just assume that life will continue along the linear line that it has for the past 60 or so years.  That is such a tragedy as your life can be so much more if you will just take the time to discover what is possible.

Is your parachute going to be colourful, bright and full of life or bland and lacking life or purpose.  You are the one that controls the direction, colour and life left in your parachute. Make sure you fly high; making a difference to those you encounter and live out a life of completeness.

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