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We have been in lockdown for 16 weeks already. This has brought with it anger, frustration, sadness, new hobbies, new skills and lots of time for spring cleaning. We asked our clients to share what they have been doing during lockdown, and it’s so encouraging to see so many people making the most of their time at home.

Finishing all those projects on the to do list has been popular amongst clients, and lockdown, it seems, has certainly been the perfect time to do so.

Keeping some type of a routine and staying connected to body, mind and spirit has been essential to many clients, especially as we have no idea when this will be over, so we have to keep our mental health a priority.

There has been lots of cooking going on, with some clients wondering whether to buy new freezers and more containers to keep all their frozen food.

Some clients have been homeschooling and doing online counselling, while others have found themselves taking care of toddlers while their parents work.

There has been a lot of upskilling taking place, and most the clients are now extremely comfortable with Zoom, one client is even doing an online Zoom computer course.

Lots of books have been read, and clients have discovered some beautifully written and inspiring reads.

And lastly, but certainly not least, some clients have used this time to reconnect with their partners, through doing activities such as gardening, or by simply sitting on the couch, holding hands while watching Netflix.

Please let us know what you have been doing during lockdown. We would love to hear from you.

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