Chartered client, Claire, joins the Breakfast Club!

Sometimes, all it takes is a daily meal to change the trajectory of a life.

Claire Claassens lives in the beautiful Cape Town suburb of Oranjezicht. Given the splendour of her surrounds, she would be forgiven for spending her time simply soaking in the glorious scenery and fresh air.  Instead, she has decided to bring hope to the lives of hungry children.

Many of the children of Good Hope Seminary Junior School in Cape Town had grown accustomed to attending class with the gnawing pains of hunger.  Those who do eat a meagre breakfast at home, have done so before they leave at 5:30 am to get to school on time.

“Hungry stomachs do not allow young brains to concentrate or learn,” says Claire, and it was out of this realisation that the Breakfast Club was born.


Now, 120 five-year-olds and six-year-olds enjoy a nutritious bowl of epap and a fruit every morning.  This is thanks to generous donations from the community, and has recently allowed the programme to roll out to Grade 2s.  Having seen the difference the Breakfast Club has made in these children’s lives, it is the hope of Claire and her team members to sustain this initiative and to expand it to the Grade 3s and 4s of the school.


Caption:  The breakfasts are prepared and cleared by teams of Grade 6 and 7s, who enjoy eating the breakfast too!

While the need in our beautiful country is always great, consider the starfish principle, and ask yourself where you can add value.



Should you wish to contribute to or participate in the Breakfast Club, please contact Aletta ( or Patsy ( And, like Claire, you can change the life of one more child.



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