Celebrating the transition into retirement part two ~ San Francisco

Our three-day Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) pass allowed us to discover Sausalito, a small pretty quaint town just across the bay and across the Golden Gate bridge.  Having a chicken salad lunch looking across the bay towards the San Francisco skyline is an amazing feeling, and taking the ferry back from Sausalito made it our “bay cruise” experience.

Golden Gate Bridge, San FranciscoLeft: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Alcatraz is definitely worth seeing: book a time slot, board a ferry and take the 15 minute ride just offshore. You can listen to an audio account as you walk around the cell blocks, dining hall and rest of the facility. Solitary confinement was in a small cell in the pitch dark. We heard about attempted escapes: Cathy is dwarfed by the giant Redwood trees in the Muir Woods.three people disappeared never to be seen again – whether they made it to shore is unknown: the icy water and strong currents indicate that anyone in the water would be swept out to sea. Others aspirant escapees were taken back to Alcatraz to be appropriately punished. Al Capone was probably the most famous inhabitant, jailed for income tax evasion.

A highlight was going to Muir Woods to see the giant redwood trees: 1½ hours to walk on one of the many trails … being under a massive canopy of endless 1,000 year old giant redwoods reaching up 250 feet with dappled sunlight shining through creates a wonderful peaceful feeling.

San Francisco is cycling-friendly, with many “Rent a bike” shops, special bike paths along the main roads and considerate car-drivers. Thousands cycle over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito and then take the ferry (with a separate queue for cyclists) back. The weather in San Francisco is temperate, though we bought beanies to wear on the open top HOHO bus.

Cathy is dwarfed by the giant Redwood
trees in the Muir Woods.

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