Catching Up with Sally Williams

Sally Williams is a much-loved South Africa icon, fondly known for her legendary nougat, a business she started at 54 years of age. Her story is one of passion, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit. While Sally sold her business many years ago, she still has big plans, so we decided to catch up with her to see what she has been up to during lockdown.

Last year, Sally decided that she would start working on a recipe book that would feature a selection of her favourite and most loved recipes. She had hoped that lockdown would be the perfect time to do this; however, she says it’s a slow process, especially since she has so many to work through, and deciding what to include is proving to be a difficult task.

She is also spending much of her time doing day-to-day chores since her Char has been off since the start of lockdown, so all the cleaning and most of the cooking is left to Sally.

Lockdown hasn’t been with its complications, particularly so when she fell and broke four ribs. Sally stayed at her daughter’s house during this time, and not one to remain idle, she made the most of this downtime and joined Tinder. Her Tinder journey was short-lived, especially as her first encounter was with a potential scammer. Sally knew better than to fall for his story, and it’s safe to say that the scammer was taught a lesson by Sally. When Sally describes this story, you can hear how she lives her life, full of humour, joy and passion.

Having recovered from her fall, Sally is back at it and goes for daily walks between 8:00 and 9:00 am. She walks with friends who live in her complex, and has made a few new friends along the way. She believes in sticking to a routine and feels that no matter how you feel, it is essential to be well-groomed; for this reason, she does her hair and make-up every day.

She says that before lockdown, she had no attachment to her phone, however, since lockdown she has become somewhat addicted to it, particularly WhatsApp. She has a group of friends who share videos and memes daily, and she delights in them.

Sally has managed to watch some TV, and she highly recommends: Becoming, Self Made and Unorthodox, all on Netflix. She also read, and thoroughly enjoyed, Marian Keyes’ latest novel called Grown Ups, particularly because she could identify with so many people in the book.

Despite being isolated, Sally reiterates all the things she has to be grateful for. A wonderful reminder to us all, especially at this time when it is so easy to get caught up in all the negativity surrounding us.

Sally will be one of our guests at our virtual Women’s Day event that will be held in August. Keep an eye out for more details.

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