Casting an ear to Courageous Currency

The Courageous Currency series of conversations with Kim Potgieter and Classic FM’s Michael Avery is worth a listen. Take a journey to understand where money stories come from and how they affect our decisions and behaviour around money, and learn how to approach these challenging conversations.

Why Courageous Currency Conversations?

Money is such a taboo topic. Many people consider it rude and inappropriate to chat about it at social gatherings, never mind in relationships! We may feel uncomfortable, as the topic can dredge up feelings of dread, inadequacy and failure. People who talk about successful money transactions are often believed to be arrogant and egotistical.

So, we don’t often talk about money. This certainly does not mean that we are not worrying or thinking about it, or even just wanting to share some ideas or get advice. It is just a difficult subject to approach. And it takes a whole load of courage to start these important conversations.

Here is a snapshot of what each of the podcasts is about – choose the one that appeals to you … or listen to all at:

How money memories can influence your money story

What is a personal money story? What is the value we assign to it: power, security, happiness or even fear? It is empowering to become aware of your money story, the factors contributing to your relationship with money and how you can consciously create the life you really want.

Understanding your relationships with money

It takes hard work to unpack our thinking patterns and preconceptions about money, especially since we use it to measure our self-worth. As soon as we realise that our money story can translate into a better one, we are free to compose a new script for a happy and fulfilling life.

Can Money buy Happiness?

Money plays an important role in our lives and can certainly buy us things that we want … a step closer to happiness. But, we often put our “happiness” on hold until we have enough money. Separate money from happiness, define each term separately and consider what a truly happy life would look like.

Crucial money conversations in families

It is so important to have these difficult conversations with your partner and children. How do you broach money conversations in a family, and make it a non-judgmental process that allows each family member to voice their views, concerns and dreams?

Midlife crisis and money issues

A midlife crisis can unleash feelings of being out of control, confused and conflicted; you are living a life very different from the one you dreamed of. People deal with this inner conflict in different ways, often destructive to their personal finances. View your mid-life crisis through the eyes of personal truth and internal needs, not only in terms of finances.

Protecting our families and assets upon death

Wills and Trusts help protect our families and assets on death. Discussing these documents with your partner or children is sensitive and difficult, but once concluded and the document is safely locked away, you have the peace of mind that your children, money, property and assets will be looked after according to your instructions.

How to get tough on family who bleed you dry

There is a growing trend of parents who support their adult children financially. How do you open money conversations with children? How do you teach important money lessons children from a young age? “Tough love’ is at times the best choice and more beneficial for the health, happiness and love of both parents and their children.

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