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I had a recent chat with a RetiremeantTM client who, pre-retirement, had been very anxious about how to fill his time when he was no longer working. He mentioned that he is now so busy having fun that he hardly finds time to fit in all his activities. We had a good chuckle at how happily his retirement years are panning out, and the conversation left me pondering the importance of balance.

Jana Kingsford, author and blogger, says: “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” And that is why we emphasise the Bucket Wheel® – it’s all about creating a balanced life.

While having fun is important – and, well, fun – creating balance is crucial. On the flip-side, many of us simply don’t have time for fun. We get caught up constantly addressing urgent matters and forget to allow time for really important things, things that make us feel alive.

The point of the Bucket Wheel® is to ensure that we focus our time, not only on the urgent, but also on the important. It keeps our balance in check and ensures that we direct our energy towards what matters most. By spending quality time planning your Bucket Wheel® items, you will have started your journey to living a more balanced and fulfilled life in retirement where all eight areas of your life are considered: work, give-back, relationships, money, learning, health, purpose and play. In essence, the Bucket Wheel® integrates the idea of balance with your Bucket List and helps you stick to the plan.

Your Bucket Wheel® is also the best indicator of what money you will need and how your money needs to work for you. This becomes your blueprint, your plan for life in retirement. And it is this wheel that you can discuss yearly with your Retiremeant™ Specialist to make sure that your money enables your dreams and ambitions.

Watching the Wheel

As you feel you’ve accomplished something on your Bucket Wheel®, revisit it, slotting in new goals as you go. It is a constant reminder of what’s important to you while at the same time ensuring that you are mindful of all the important aspects of a balanced life. It is more than a list that just gets ticked off. It gives you a chance to reflect on how balanced you feel; what is working and what is not. And it adds so much value to your Retiremeant™ review meetings by allowing your Specialist to align your finances with your Bucket Wheel® items.

My final thought: don’t allow how much money you have dictate the type of life you want to live. Be master of your money and align your Retiremeant™ Plan with your Bucket Wheel®.

Enjoy inventing your very own, personalised Bucket Wheel®!

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