Baguettes and berets for the Rolfes

Chartered clients, Norma and Rhys Rolfe, have clearly been bitten by the travel bug, and have spent the better part of their Retiremeant™ travelling the globe.  Here is their latest update, from Burgundy, in the land famous for the Eiffel Tower and romantic assignations.

As we continue to enjoy our sojourn around France in record-breaking heat, we enjoy the memorable sites of beauty and interest. France is undoubtedly a country for travelling, eating and drinking. With a population of 66 million (equivalent to the UK) and a country three times larger, driving in France is a pleasure.

We did so enjoy our week in Paris and Versailles but are now getting great pleasure driving through the little villages and the countryside. The little hillside town of Vezelay, with its narrow winding streets and interesting shops, was indeed picturesque. The Bascilique St Madelaine on the top of the hill is a UNESCO site and one of the starting points for the Camino de Compostela. This was obviously interesting for us having walked part of the Camino.

A Basilica is an oblong type of building with a central nave and isles, with a slightly raised platform and an apse at one end. The naming of such a church is granted by the Pope. Beaune, pronounced Bone, is the capital of the Burgundy wine-growing area and is a beautiful walled town. The walls have been preserved as they house wine cellars.

Lake Annecy, the town, and surrounds are most attractive and very popular tourist destinations. We had some lovely rides on our bicycles, and our behinds have taken some punishment. We now have a lovely camp site looking out to the Alps and Mont Blanc.

What a privilege to be able to enjoy such a beautiful place in perfect weather.

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