Awaken Your Intuition

Tap into Your Intuitive Intelligence

Intuition is knowing something without necessarily being able to explain how you came to the understanding rationally. It is that inner voice, that feeling that you just know.

As children, we are less analytical and fearful, and tend to listen to our intuition. As we get older, life often becomes busier with loads of distractions and generally speaking we tend to lose our natural ability to tap into our sixth sense.

Do you listen to your inner voice and try to follow your gut instinct? Does intuition play a role in your life? If not, it should. Intuition can help you recognize untapped abilities in all areas of your life.

The good news is that intuition is a skill that can be re-awakened. Activating your gut feeling about things is just like exercising a dormant muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Have you ever experienced a eureka moment when solving a problem? You sit back and think to yourself: for the life of me I can’t explain how that popped into my head? That’s your intuition kicking into gear.

A Simple Way to Develop Your Inner Compass

Sharpen Your Five Senses:

intuition-krishnamurti-v3We use all five senses every day, but how often do we mindfully focus on each sense? Find a quiet time to sit in front of a vase of roses. Of course, any fragrant flowers will do. Breathe deeply, relax and enjoy looking at the colours and shades of each flower petal, the stems, and the thorns. Close your eyes and recreate the image in your mind’s eye, smelling the sweet aroma. Breathe deeply and relax into your body. Open your eyes and touch the soft, satin petals. Take an outside petal from one of the roses and lightly rub it on your cheek. You may be in a quiet almost meditative state by now, a good time to actively tune into the sounds around you. Feel your feet on the floor and become aware of the sensations in your body. Continue to breathe deeply and relax into the moment. When we relax and quieten our mind, our true and authentic self is exposed. Our inner voice can only be heard when we slow down. By slowing down, our inner voice has room to come to the surface.

Mindful eating. Try this focused activation of your senses before you start eating your meal. Sit with a plate of (hopefully) colourful, nutritious food in front of you. Close your eyes and recreate the image. Smell the food. If it’s a salad, take a piece of cucumber and feel the various textures of the rind, the flesh and the small pips. Slowly bite into it to taste the juice and the texture of the cucumber. Combine this exercise with looking at your plate and soaking in a sense of gratitude before each tasty mouthful. If it’s good healthy food, using one of our recipes in the fuelling section of the book, be grateful for the food that is nourishing your body and your mind. This mindful eating practise may even help you eat what your body needs, as opposed to over-eating.

Sharpening your five senses by looking at something beautiful or tasty will not only pave the way for your sixth sense, but will also have the secondary benefit of stimulating a sense of gratitude.

If your five senses are asleep, you can’t expect your sixth sense to wake up!

Joni Peddie & Celynn Erasmus

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