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Dr. Elna McIntosh has been a Sexual Health Advisor, Educator, Researcher and Therapist for over 25 years. Her entire career has been aimed toward a single set of goals: Telling the truth about sexuality, helping people feel sexually normal and powerful, and supporting the healthy sexual expression and exploration of women and men. Read more...
21 04, 2016

Sexual health gets a boost!

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Pink Viagra approved

2015 was a significant year for Sexologists worldwide. After a long and controversial […]

22 04, 2014

A man’s sexual health affects him and the woman in his life

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Sex and sexuality play a large part in the discussion about men and […]

12 04, 2012

Let’s talk about sex

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9 health benefits of an orgasm

Orgasms… How can something so enjoyable be good for us? […]

9 01, 2012

How Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is diagnosed

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Erectile dysfunction or ED, also called impotence, isn’t something to be embarrassed about, […]

27 07, 2011

The FAQ sheet

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Q: Who should I talk with about my sexual dysfunction – it bothers […]