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Dr. Dorian (aka Dori) Mintzer is an experienced therapist; retirement transition, relationship, and executive coach; consultant; writer; speaker and teacher. Her expertise in adult development, holistic life planning and positive psychology, combined with her life experiences, have led to her passion helping individuals and couples embrace their life and “bonus years” as a time to learn, grow and evolve.
14 02, 2018

Time Together Time Apart

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In an article I read in the WSJ by Psychologist Maryanne Vandevere, she expanded on […]

24 01, 2018

Parallel play in the second half of life

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In The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle we talk about Time Together and Time Apart as one […]

7 12, 2017

Fast time and the ageing mind

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Life-long learning slows the passing of time.

If you discovered that challenging yourself and keeping a […]

19 10, 2017

Revolutionize your Retirement

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Retirement is no longer a destination — it’s a journey, a transition, an opportunity to […]

14 03, 2017

A second career?

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How do you decide it’s time to retire from your work or to reassess how […]