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Alan Hosking has dedicated his career to the growth and development of people in all walks of life and across four generations. A Psychology and English graduate with a Post Graduate Higher Education Diploma, Alan started his career in the education sector, moved into the corporate world and then into private enterprise as a business-to-business magazine publisher. Read more...
12 02, 2019

Are you aiming to be successful or significant?

By |2019-02-12T15:24:04+00:00Feb 12, 2019|Purpose|0 Comments

Because we live in such a success-oriented world, when we are asked to choose between […]

13 06, 2018

Do you have the courage to learn new things?

By |2018-06-13T08:50:37+00:00Jun 13, 2018|Learn|1 Comment

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon, having helped business leaders prepare for the future of […]

7 11, 2017

Why does money have so much power?

By |2017-11-02T13:30:21+00:00Nov 7, 2017|Money|0 Comments

As the extent of the theft of public money becomes clearer, more and more people […]

26 09, 2017

What two things can’t you inherit?

By |2017-06-01T08:42:01+00:00Sep 26, 2017|Relationships|0 Comments

We live in a world we inherited. What we inherit starts before birth and continues […]

5 09, 2017

How much baggage are you carrying?

By |2017-06-01T10:00:21+00:00Sep 5, 2017|Purpose|0 Comments

Whenever I travel by air and I’ll be away from home for just one night, […]

29 08, 2017

Are you learning to see around corners?

By |2017-09-01T09:20:45+00:00Aug 29, 2017|Retiremeant|0 Comments

With the way things are changing in our VUCA world, it’s time for people who […]

8 08, 2017

How do you rate your accountability?

By |2017-06-01T07:51:08+00:00Aug 8, 2017|Purpose|0 Comments

Have you noticed how no-one holds themselves accountable for anything anymore? When questions get asked […]

18 07, 2017

How wealthy a corpse do you want to be?

By |2017-07-12T09:58:56+00:00Jul 18, 2017|Retirement|0 Comments

Few of us want to think of ourselves as corpses. After all, we spend a […]

4 07, 2017

Are you a clever or wise leader?

By |2017-05-31T18:23:29+00:00Jul 4, 2017|Work|0 Comments

Since the dawn of time, clever people have used their intelligence to introduce many innovations […]

23 06, 2017

What are you making in your career?

By |2017-06-22T15:40:37+00:00Jun 23, 2017|Work|0 Comments

The lyrics of Lunchmoney Lewis’s song “Bills” resonates with every working person, and more particularly, […]

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