A love of people plus a love of music makes a harmonious life

The Silhouettes’s music gives their audience and them meaning and joy

There’s a certain nostalgic element to music. “As we get older, we tend to forget things, and music revives precious memories. Smile and people smile back. Play music for them, and you feed their souls,” says Chartered client, Ian Davis.

Ian speaks about his wife, Trish, his work and his music, with enthusiasm and passion. Here’s a man who gave up his rock-star band at age 23 years to focus on his career, his family and their retirement savings. He rekindled his passion for music 40 years later in retirement, and now shares his music – at no cost – with people at housing and healthcare centers for the elderly.

Born to be a musician

Ian has always loved music and taught himself to play guitar at 13 after his father passed away. “I was lost when my father died,” remembers Ian, “and music helped clear my head. I sounded terrible at first, but kept on playing.”

Ian’s motto is to “practise, practise and practise.” A career in music takes patience, persistence and long hours. Very few people sign music contracts and it takes years to earn an income.

Ian started his first band at age 21, when he met his fellow band members in Salisbury, Zimbabwe; they were soon offered two extended contracts in Durban. At one of his gigs Ian met his wife, Trish. “I saw her enter the room and walk across it. Two weeks later I asked her to marry me,” recalls Ian. Trish supported Ian to pack up his life in Zimbabwe and move to South Africa.

At 23, Ian gave up his band (but never his music) and started a career in training and development with Trish at his side.

Earning an income

Ian especially loved developing previously disadvantaged people in the packing, loading and transport industry, travelling all around Africa to help people improve their social and business skills. He ran his own business two years before officially retiring and his on-line training courses for the transportation industry are still used today. “You must love what you do!” says Ian.

Now retired

On his and Trish’s retirement, Ian picked up his guitar again and considered starting a new band. He bumped into Brian, an old friend and original band member of nearly a half a century ago. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Their new band – The Silhouettes – comprises four members with Ian on lead guitar. Each member has a favourite, but all love the music of The Shadows. “We also play 60s and 70s music,” says Ian “and our fans tap their feet and get up to dance!”

Giving back with music

The band plays for people in retirement facilities, and for the mentally and physically challenged. “We enjoy playing for our audience! And they enjoy us!” says Ian. “It is a wonderful, fulfilling opportunity to play for people who don’t get to go out, whose kids don’t visit and who often can’t look after themselves. We entertain our audience with music and humour,” adds Ian.

“Our music has a purpose,” says Ian. “Music has attachments and reminds us older people of times gone by.” While Ian and his band bring joy to so many people, it’s all about give-and-take. “I have learnt so much from my fellow band players; we work as a team, support one another and cover the other’s mistakes,” reflects Ian.

Having the time to do what you love in retirement

Being retired is all about how you approach it, a positive attitude and having the time to do what you love! “It brings me great joy to bring a smile to someone’s face. Music keeps my mind active. When I hear a great song, I feel compelled to learn it. I don’t read music, but I can write lyrics and chords. I teach myself from listening to the tune. It sometimes takes me three weeks to learn a new song,” says Ian

Ian believes that music stimulates the imagination. It brings you to a place where anything is possible. He always leaves home with a notepad and pen and gets his inspiration from what he sees and hears. “I write lyrics as I go, sometimes having to visit the library to research what I saw, and then I compose the music.”

Ian certainly has all the characteristics of a great musician: passion, the right attitude, talent, and natural curiosity. “When I’m feeling down, I pick up my guitar and the world is right again,” says Ian.

Thank you, Ian. Your generosity is like music to our ears and your story struck a chord with all of us!

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