Beechwood Gardens Quiz

Garden Wander Questions

 Keep your brain sharp by answering these questions as you enjoy wandering through the lovely gardens.

  1. Who welcomes you to the vegetable garden?
    1. three blind mice
    2. two bling beavers
    3. a trio of rabbits
    4. a pair of pumas
  1. How many double-bar arches do you need to walk under to reach the sculpture from the ‘ruins’?
  1. What creature guards the rose garden fountain at its four corners?                                                 a. piscine b. leonine c. cancrine d. equine
  1. What is the young woman, depicted by the sculpture at the end of the colonnade wearing?
  1. What kinds of birds do the sculptures in the pond depict:
    1. cormorants
    2. kingfishers
    3. eagles
    4. egrets
  1. A pair of peculiar birds marks the splitting of the path near the pool. They are the only birds with fused first and second neck vertebrae, a more stable platform for carrying the bill. They are monogamous, and are threatened by extinction. What bird is this?
  1. What gregarious bird has made the patio table its home?
  1. Where is the legendarily massive Water Oak situated in the garden?
  1. What small buck grazes next to the patio at the back of the house? It’s one of these three:




Multiple Choice Questions

flowersCircle the ONE correct answer.

(most of these answers are on

  1. This garden was laid out in: 
  1. 2001
  2. 1945
  3. 1989
  4. 2007
  1. The legendary landscaper who created this serene and beautiful space was:
  1. Keith Kirsten
  2. Margaret Roberts
  3. Joane Pym
  4. Richard Rose
  1. The owners of this Hyde Park property are: 
  1. The Oppenheimers
  2. The Greigs
  3. Wendy Applebaum
  4. The Nelson Mandela Foundation
  1. The house is built in the style of: 
  1. Old English architecture
  2. Flemish architecture
  3. Cape Dutch architecture
  4. Scottish cottage style
  1. What is the motif of Beechwood Gardens? 
  1. A Great Dane dog
  2. The Great Nile Crocodile
  3. A forest faun
  4. A family of otters
  1. Beechwood Gardens span: 
  1. 10 acres
  2. 2 acres
  3. 5 acres
  4. 5 acres
  1. The roof the house is made of: 
  1. Slate
  2. Ceramic
  3. Cedar wood
  4. Beech wood
  1. The stables alongside the sunken vegetable garden serve as:
  1. A gourmet cooking studio
  2. stabling for Lipizzaners when they perform in Parktown
  3. garaging for the family’s antique car collection
  4. various creative arts studios: sculpting, painting, etching
  1. An earlier question asked you to identify an animal in the garden using an adjective such as equine, leonine, porcine. Can you match the animal to the adjective below?
1 serpentine   fish
2 feline   horse
3 lupine   lion
4 bovine   dog
5 canine   cat
6 piscine   snake
7 leonine   cow
8 equine   wolf
9 vulpine   pig
10 porcine   fox

Attracting birds to your garden

birdIf you do take the opportunity to wander through the garden, you will note the prolific birdlife – that tweeting indicates some very happy feathered friends.  If you would like to treat the ones in your garden – or buy a special gift for a friend who loves birds – please click here to see what Happy Feed has to offer.  They deliver to your door in a colourful tuk-tuk, and take online orders … what could be simpler?  Click here.




Peanut feeders and Tea Cup bird feeder from Happy Feed

Does your garden need Tender Loving Care? 

Sarah Walker of The Little Flower Workshop will come to your garden and add her magic touch! She specialises in roses, especially pruning, but she also clears your garden and prepares it for your winter planting.  She is extremely knowledgeable and can advise you on what to plant, when. Contact Sarah at or click here to go to the website.

 Click here for a glimpse at some Royal Gardens in Europe, open to the public usually only in the Spring.

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