The most beautiful fate

In keeping with the theme of sharing across generations, Andrew Bradley firmly believes we can influence the younger generation to have both financial wealth and personal wellbeing.

Attitudes about money and happiness are shaped from our earliest childhood memories by adults who influence us.

Andrew says a common goal is to educate our children and grandchildren to equip them for the highest paying careers. These careers, however, may not always be in line with their interests or skills. For a lucky minority, a specific course of study allows them to discover skills and passions they never knew they had. For a less fortunate majority, though, overt pressure to pursue a high status career can lead to disillusionment, dissatisfaction and, in some cases, disaster.

Andrew made this very mistake with his daughter. She taught him that choosing a career for with money as the main motivator would not be meaningful enough for her. Growing out to this experience, he has three useful questions to ask when deciding on a career path:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you good at?
  • How can you make sufficient money?

The role of the older generation is not to dictate to the younger generation, but rather to provide a nurturing environment that enables children to develop an understanding of these connections for themselves.

American psychologist, Abraham Maslow wrote: “The most beautiful fate, the most wonderful good fortune that can happen to any human being, is to be paid for doing that which he passionately loves to do.”

Conversations about money with family members are not common. Teaching the younger generation the basics about balancing spending and saving, compound interest and how the stock market works are invaluable lessons we can share.

These and other concepts are explored in How Much is Enough and it is a must-read for anyone who wants both financial wealth and personal wellbeing. This is a great sharing opportunity with the younger generation to help them be more aware of their relationship with money and happiness.

Andrew’s book is available to be borrowed from the Chartered library.

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