3 FAB tips for living younger longer

Can you rewrite your future? Yes.

Here is what is on the menu of those people who enjoy long and healthy lives and what you can do, TODAY to potentially join the “100 Club” of centenarians TOMORROW. Why not choose one and create a new tiny habit?

  1. FUEL: Eat mindfully

In Okinawa, also known as “land of the immortals”, the folk follow a principle called “Hara hatchu bu” which means to eat until you are 8 out of 10 full. Sadly, many of us eat until we are ‘stuffed’ and experience discomfort, fatigue and even heartburn. Studies of centenarians suggest that social connections and finding meaning in life are both crucial to longevity.

How? Bring in the pleasure principle and eat more mindfully and with gratitude. Slow down. Breathe between mouthfuls. Savour each mouthful. Don’t eat while doing something else such as watching television. Take pleasure in preparing more home-cooked meals from whole ingredients instead of buying processed foods and meals. Approach time in the kitchen as an opportunity to de-stress and be creative.

  1. ACTIVATE: Stay brain fit

An example of a tiny habit to reduce brain fog:  Train your brain to deal with chaos. Neuroscience research shows that the regular practice of mindfulness can promote resilience and productivity at work (and in life). There’s no need to head off to a silent retreat for a week. Simply start with 5 minutes as you wake up and have your morning tea to sit in stillness and start harnessing the benefits of mindfulness.

  1. BEHAVE: Create an attitude of gratitude

This is a game changer. To hard-wire this as a habit takes a little time and effort, but once your gratitude neurons fire together, they then wire together… forever. If you consciously express gratitude (verbally or non verbally) a few times per day, your body will produce less of the ageing stress hormone, cortisol!

To kick-start this habit … link your gratitude thoughts to existing habits; for example, as your turn your shower tap, think of one or two moments of your day that you’re grateful for. Or as you put toothpaste on your toothbrush, do the same. At least you’ll be doing it twice a day …everyday!

What one thing will you do differently from today to increase your FAB Quotient™ to stand a chance to shift from being stressed and tired, living in a state of brain fog to being energised and brain fit, driving a sense of feeling youthful and playful, a magnificent feeling of juvenescence?

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