10 things to stop doing right now!

Happiness is often a matter of subtraction, not addition.

Consider what would happen if you were to stop doing the following 10 things:

1. Blaming
Take responsibility for absolutely everything in your life.  That seems like a tall order, and it’s often easier to blame someone else when things go wrong.  However, taking responsibility is empowering.  You will probably make sure to do it better and smarter the next time.  And when you get better or smarter, you also get happier.

2. Impressing others
No one likes you for your clothes, your car, your possessions, your title, or your accomplishments.  Those are all “things.”  People may like your things – but that doesn’t mean they like you.

3. Clinging
When you’re afraid or insecure, you hold on tightly to what you know, even if what you know isn’t particularly good for you.  Be brave enough to let go of things that simply aren’t positively contributing to your life anymore.

4. Interrupting
Interrupting isn’t just rude.  When you interrupt someone, what you’re really saying is, “I’m not listening to you so I can understand what you’re saying; I’m listening to you so I can decide what I want to say.”  If you want people to like you start listening to what they say.  Focus intently on what they are saying.  Ask questions to make sure you understand them.  They’ll love you for it – and you’ll love how that makes you feel.

5. Whining
Your words have power, especially over you.  Whining about your problems makes you feel worse, not better.  Rather focus on how you can act to make things better.

6. Controlling
The only thing you really control is you.

7. Criticising
You be more educated, more experienced, been around more blocks, climbed more mountains and slayed more dragons.  That doesn’t make you smarter, or better, or more insightful.  Everyone is different: not better, not worse, just different.  Appreciate the differences instead of the shortcomings and you’ll see people – and yourself – in a better light.

8. Preaching
Criticising has a brother.  His name is Preaching.  They share the same father: Judging.

9. Dwelling
The past is valuable.  Learn from your mistakes.  Learn from the mistakes of others. Then let it go.

10. Fearing
We’re all afraid:  of what might or might not happen, of what we can’t change, or what we won’t be able to do, or how other people might perceive us.  Put your fears aside, because if you don’t, they will control you and hold you back.  Life is short.  Once tomorrow comes, today is lost forever.

Adapted from the blog post by Jeff Haden Be happier: 10 things to stop doing right now
(Source: leader.co.za)

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