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LyndaLynda is an excellent Social Entrepreneur and networker able to connect the right people, thereby creating synergy and dynamism.  She has a real passion for children, women in leadership and understanding how we as South Africans can unlock skills development and grow the economy.  Lynda feels strongly that the social landscape of South Africa will only be influenced when South Africans understand how important it is to play an active role in the development of the future generation.

Lynda is the CEO of Refirement Network, a business involved in helping organisations and Baby Boomers to understand the opportunities and challenges that the future holds for this demographic group.  Her work focuses around helping Baby Boomers plan for their next season of life and identify where they can still add value in business and society.  She is also involved in helping organisations develop a Baby Boomer business strategy going forward, to retain their necessary skills, experience and organisational wisdom and plan for the changing world of work. Refirement Network hosts conferences, workshops and other public events, is involved in educating organisations and Baby Boomers through the media, assists companies with Baby Boomer strategy and wisdom preservation, and conducts life coaching for the retirement years.

Lynda began her business career in education when she started her own Educational School Supplies business.  She then joined the direct sales division of Smile Education Systems where she eventually became the Sales and Marketing Director and then the International Director. She then helped grow the MySchool program with Woolworths in South Africa, which assists schools with funding on a sustainable basis. She has also worked with the team, helping companies understand how the world is changing and the challenges and opportunities of working in the 21st Century.  She is currently also involved with pioneering a social project focusing on parenting and the development of the 6 million children under 6 in our Nation.

Lynda has 2 married adult children and 2 grandchildren.  Her hobbies include reading, learning, theatre, movies, travel and socializing with friends and family.  She is a committed Christian and spends time helping in her community. 

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