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Kim Potgieter CFP®

Director and Head of Life Planning at Chartered Wealth Solutions | Brand Ambassador for Retire Successfully

Kim’s position as Head of Life Planning at Chartered Wealth Solutions enables her to make magic in people’s lives by helping them merge money with meaning, bringing a fresh approach to retirement. The “magic” that Kim brings to the topic of retirement and the passion she has for the second half of life, has distinguished her as Brand Ambassador for Retire Successfully.

She encourages people to understand and embrace their relationship with money, and her most joyful moments encompass discussing with clients how money can enable the fulfilment of goals, dreams and aspirations in their current lives, as well as in their retirement years.

As a Certified Financial Planner®, a Registered Financial Life Planner, an accredited ICF (International Coaching Federation) Coach and New Money Story® Mentor Coach, Kim is well qualified to guide people in pursuing the life they truly desire – by helping them put their money in the right place. Her Industrial and Clinical Psychology degrees further enable her to assist clients in merging their money with meaning, bringing a fresh perspective to retirement.

With the aim to share her innovative perspective on retirement, Kim, together with Chartered Wealth Solutions, established this consumer retirement lifestyle website. Kim also founded the Women in Finance Network, a forum for women in the financial services industry where members meet through organised events and are able to share experiences and learn from one another.

Kim is also an accomplished author and her first book Retiremeant: Get More Meaning from your Money (Jacana) was published in 2015. See more at Kim’s message is that creating your best life cannot be left to chance: she demonstrates that taking an active role in preparing for your retirement enables you to live without regrets. The book offers readers an opportunity to see things differently – to be open to learning and new possibilities.

Kim is passionate on the subject of retirement and views retiring as a new chapter – something clients should retire to, and not from. She is frequently asked to write about life planning in journals such as The Financial Planner and has also made numerous television and radio appearances. Kim runs Retirement Preparation workshops for corporate clients and advises clients on what she believes defines a successful retirement. She also runs workshops for financial planners, encouraging them to engage in life planning discussions to help clients get a return on investment and a return on life.