Here’s a challenge: three simple ways to digitally detox … can you action them?

  1.  An hour before bed: lights out.

The lights we are talking about here are our “screen lights”. Harvard researchers tell us that these lights disrupt our melatonin production and hence our quality of sleep. Spend your last waking hour before you go to sleep with a book that intrigues you, stimulates thoughts that are not work-related or that simply makes you smile.

  1. Hide your phone – pick up some paper and a pencil.

We are so used to typing that making notes, doodles, sketching, colouring in (although the new adult colouring books are gaining momentum) is long forgotten. By using pen or pencil and paper …we actually reactivate a few new neural pathways. Keep your brain fit and VARY your activities. After dinner … kick back for 15 minutes and doodle or design something on paper while listening to classical music.

  1. Kick start your day differently

Don’t be tempted to roll over and pick up your phone as the alarm goes off (even if it’s on your phone).

Get out of bed and lie on your bedroom floor and use the deep breathing technique called : 4-7-8. Google Dr Mercola and he’ll show you how, or simply try this: it’s simple!
Breathe in for 4 counts. Hold for 7 counts. Breathe out for 8 counts.

When you’ve done this 3 times …stay still and ‘listen to what pops to mind” … you might surprise yourself by harnessing and developing your intuition. Learn to listen to it.

You don’t have to do all three of the suggestions from tomorrow. Start with one this week, add one next week and at then when you’re ready add the third.

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