“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mohandas. K. Gandhi

Never stop growing your knowledge and expanding your mind. Ask yourself: Are you doing enough to keep your mind active? Do not underestimate how easily you can become complacent about learning. You have to make a conscious effort to challenge yourself daily.

In retirement, revert to a child-like state of curiosity and fascination. Be open to learning new things and committed to growing your awareness. Learn about a new culture or religion, or even go back to studying. Active mental activity is as crucial to your emotional health as it is for your physical well-being.

Think about simple things you can do to keep your mental activity alive: if you have never picked up a paintbrush, take a watercolour class. If you love crossword puzzles, try Sudoku. If you have never taught, be a mentor to someone. Challenge yourself enough to learn and have fun at the same time, but not so much that you get frustrated and quit.

5 11, 2018

Following the Chokka Trail in Knysna

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Lindajane and Trevor Thomson, Chartered clients living in Knysna, recently did the Chokka […]

13 06, 2018

Do you have the courage to learn new things?

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I have noticed an interesting phenomenon, having helped business leaders prepare for the future of […]

13 09, 2017

Have you engaged in a MOOC yet?

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I am not swearing at you. This is a word that many, especially the younger […]

20 07, 2017


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Rearrange the six groups of scrambled letters to form words, then decide where […]

20 03, 2017

Live and Learn

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I met Dori Mintzer in Boston in […]

9 03, 2017

Kathy puts her learning to practical use

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After retiring to Plettenburg Bay with her […]

16 12, 2016

Travelling with the U3A

By |2016-12-19T12:06:48+00:00Dec 16, 2016|Learn|2 Comments

Chartered client, Lise Day, has discovered the delights of travelling with the University […]

8 11, 2016

Self-improvement always in style

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Alec Hogg, Biznews Editor, recently cited the books that South African CEOs are reading. This […]

1 11, 2016

Why not add your skills to a SKILLS bank?

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There are many things we seem to lose when we retire from our professional or […]

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