How behaviour shapes your happiness and success

Think of this example: you’re rushing up the road to an office block to a meeting and someone’s shopping bag splits in half and the contents spill out all over the pavement. Instinctively you’ll stop and take the time to help pick up the groceries and get the poor soul on their way. Given that you’ve done this without thinking, it’s really interesting to take note of how you feel afterwards?

Certainly uplifted, more positive and perhaps even with a spring in your step!

These small, random acts of kindness are good for you; the other person and most importantly can have a far greater influence than you realise:

  • Those who witness your act of good-will can be inspired to join in, or later to go and help someone else. They in turn will inspire others and your simple act has created a tidal wave of support, kindness and optimism.
  • When you do reach your meeting, your spirits are lifted and you feel buoyant and cheery. This is a great way to pave the way for problem solving and / or innovative thinking. In addition your positive spirit will infect those around you and your team atmosphere could be more optimistic and impassioned !

All of that from one random act of kindness.

The importance of these small, random acts of kindness cannot be understated. Go out, enjoy your day and if the chance arises, make a positive difference in someone’s life.

We know about our outer world… that mad rush of people, places, tasks, pending deadlines, discussions and debates which can also lead to conflict situations where we politely, or alternatively, aggressively, navigate and deal with daily.

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