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Joni Peddie is a keynote speaker, conference facilitator, MC, health catalyst and executive coach. She is passionate about partnering with leaders and teams to ignite cohesion, collaboration and performance. As founding member of the Enneagram Institute of South Africa, and behavioural strategist, Joni focuses on exploring what makes people ‘tick’ and on how to harness the complexity of interpersonal relationships. Joni co-authored the book: The FAB Quotient™: Experience Resilient Energy and Fight Fatigue,to enable people who are sick, tired and stressed to become more resilient in our time-poor society. Through her business, Resilient Energy Centre, Joni offers keynote talks and workshops which cover a range of topics for overall wellbeing: • Developing Emotional Intelligence • Playing to the strengths of your personality profile • Energy management is the new stress management • The Science of Productivity Joni’s ‘pride’ and source of tremendous joy are her two teenage daughters. Joni is married to Gavin, and they keep themselves active by travelling and exploring SA and abroad. Joni loves running (5 Comrades, 7 Two Oceans and London marathon… Berlin Marathon is next on her agenda). Ntsiki Mkhize is a social entrepreneur, speaker, MC, facilitator and change agent. She is passionate about working with people to inspire, connect and empower them to discover their purpose, and then implement practical methods for personal and business success. Ntsiki works with Joni Peddie at The Resilient Energy Center as a keynote speaker empowering individuals, teams and organisations with pragmatic, science-backed tools and techniques, to be resilient in this VUCA world. • Why? Team members are sick, stressed and near burn-out. • How? Personal and organisational resilience is needed in this ever-changing and complex world. • What? The FAB Quotient™ framework for resilience is: Fuel for sustained energy + Activate for brain fitness and to reduce stress + Behave for better self-awareness and more effective collaboration. Ntsiki coaches on personal branding, living on purpose and personal development. She is co-founder of The Princesses Foundation; director at Pamanda Properties, Pamanda Farming and eKasi Entrepreneurs; presenter and content producer for Basic on; presenter on CareerConnect for Business DayTV and host of That’s 20’s Podcast. Ntsiki believes in service and developing others and volunteers as a mentor at Phakama Women’s Academy and Hadithi Wethu. Ntsiki is the author of her soon to be published book: My Hall of Mentors: Lessons Learned Along the Journey of Success. In addition, she writes regularly on the topic of Living on Purpose. She holds a B.Com Marketing Management and B.Com Honours Logistics Management from the University of Johannesburg, where she is the Ambassador for their Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.
22 02, 2016

14 Tips to make 2015 your most productive year yet

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25 01, 2016

Feeling mentally tired?

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Already needing a beginning of year holiday?  Watch this 1 minute video to discover 2 […]

9 12, 2015

Happy Healthy Holidays!

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Happy Healthy Holiday Wishes from Celynn and Joni

26 10, 2015

Awaken Your Intuition (Part 2)

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We Need To Re-Think the Way We Think

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19 10, 2015

Kick-Start Your Day Differently In Five Minutes

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12 10, 2015

Snack for Stamina (Part 2)

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almond-butter-protein-snackSkinny Dipping

All good snacks give […]

5 10, 2015

Awaken Your Intuition

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Tap into Your Intuitive Intelligence

Intuition is knowing something without necessarily being able to […]

28 09, 2015

Lift Confidence and Performance through Posture

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Power Postures to Change Your Body’s Chemistry

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18 09, 2015

21 things that Celynn discovered on her three-day silent retreat:

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  1. I am able to survive without java or vino for 36 hours.
  2. Snacking for […]
14 09, 2015

The Power of Self-Compassion

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talkA Healthier Way to Relate […]

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